Need to get hold of someone? Seen an article or image that has been used by mistake or requires permission? Then please direct all queries to:

webmaster (at) and use the reference: "Scorpio Project Site".

For suggestions or corrections to articles either contact the author directly (if permitted) or email the WebMaster.

Bug reporting

Found a bug in the Scorpio libraries, on the website or in the docs? Then tell us about it by reporting it to the SourceForge Bug Tracker for Scorpio. Please be sure to include as much information as possible. If your bug is to do with core files, then include source code using the minimum amount of code to reproduce the bug (if possible).

Alternatively, email us your report: bugs (at) scorpio (dot) madagasgar (dot) com.

Security Issues

We take the security of the Scorpio Framework very seriously and will endeavour to fix or patch any such issues as quickly as is possible. To help us in this we appreciate if the project is notified before the vulnerability is disclosed to allow us time to analyse and fix / patch the problem.

We believe responsible disclosure is the best course of action and appreciate your assistance in this. Please post security reports to: security (at) scorpio (dot) madagasgar (dot) com and provide as much detail as possible, and if at all possible a fix or suggested fix.