print Scorpio 0.6.1 Released for Download

We are pleased to announce the first point release to the 0.6 branch. This release upgrades Smarty to 3.1.8 which fixes a number of issues with 3.1.4/5 and 6.

Please note that in Smarty 3.1.5+ it is no longer possible to assign variables through dynamic include calls.

For example: you want to include a template like a menu or form that is loaded via a method call to the view class:

{include file=$oView->getMyDynamicFormTemplate()}

Previously you could assign variables in that method call and they would be passed into the template for compilation. This is no longer possible. The variables must be assigned either in the parent template before the {include} call or explicitly passed in as parameters on the include. One other solution is to call the method inside the view class - before rendering via Smarty - that way the variables are still assigned.

Download now from SourceForge, or pull the latest version from SVN.

Coming Soon

Development may appear to have been a little slow over the last few months, but that's because a large effort is being made towards "Scorpio 2.0" (yes skipping 1.X) - a ground-up reworking of the framework utilising Symfony Components, Composer and a revised infra-structure, but still offering the flexibility and multi-site solution that is present in the current framework.

We are still working out some of the kinks and deciding how to proceed with the DB layer (basically: Doctrine or Propel, probably both), but we are close to an early alpha. At that point all the work so far will be made available via the SVN repo along with some basic instructions.

Why the stealth mode? Well up until recently it has been simply too unstable to share, with large API breaks on an almost daily basis. With the internals still being decided it makes opening up rather tricky - but that will change shortly.

Changes since 0.6

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