print Scorpio 0.6 Released for Download

A new release of Scorpio is now available. This is the first release in the 0.6 branch and includes a large update to Smarty. Smarty is now version 3.1.4 and this version breaks some compatibility with Smarty 2. All internal templates were previously updated to use Smarty 3 syntax, however you should check your templates for deprecated syntax if using Smarty in the web layer.

Other changes in this release include upgrades to phpMailer and PHPExcel along with numerous bug fixes, documentation updates and tweaks to the built-in generator templates.

If upgrading please ensure that ALL template caches are deleted before restarting the websites / generators. This deletion must include the cached templates as well as the compiled templates.

Download now from SourceForge, or pull the latest version from SVN.

Changes since 0.5.1

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