print Scorpio 0.4.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the next release of the 0.4 branch. 0.4.1 is available now and includes the following library changes:

Smarty is now running on the 3.0.4/ SVN trunk as there was a pre-filter bug introduced with 3.0.3/4. Again, PHPExcel has had the PDF output removed.

In addition to those library upgrades, there are a couple of bug fixes to the systemLocale class and the Smarty translate pre-filter. In the MVC system: mvcViewBase will now raise an exception if a template cannot be located via getTemplateFile, the exception handler in mvcDistributor will clear any buffered content which should produce cleaner output, and mvcResponse has been added to the distributor and controller base - but is not required (yet).

Important note: you must clear ALL template caches after the upgrade. If the templates are not cleared you may encounter fatal errors from the compiled Smarty templates. Further: part of the Smarty 3 API changed - please check for details of the changes in the API (these changes do not impact on the Scorpio usage).

Changes since 0.4.0

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