print Scorpio 0.4.0 Released

The next milestone release for the Scorpio Framework is now available for download. This represents the 0.4 branch and has several large changes.

This is the first release that does NOT include the xajax library. The adaptor classes remain in the MVC system, but the xajax files are no longer part of the core framework. As an interim a pre-rolled and configured xajax package is provided for download at:

In addition to the removal of xajax, all the javascript libraries, theme images, icons, loader images etc have been removed. This is all in an effort to make the core more portable and shrink the size of the framework package. The icons and loader images can always be exported from the SVN repository or download from the original sources ( and

Smarty has been upgraded to 3.0 RC4 (please see for further details). This adds additional features to the views and templates and improves performance. Please note: this release sees a few changes to the caching implementation where strings are no longer evaluated after compiling. This may affect some template output. Please test thoroughly before deploying into production.

This release sees several new components, namely the cliProcessInformation for extracting information about daemon processes (parses the daemon runtime log file and process files), systemCommandReporter and systemLogSummary (plus interfaces) that provides a report on the log files back to a set of email addresses. Additional reporters can be added and bound at runtime (this is in use on the main website to give a breakdown of any errors / exceptions for the previous day). This is run from the main scorpio.php CLI tool in /tools. reportData and the reportWriters gained support for XLS functions in the report data set. Currently this is SUM() and AVERAGE() but additional functions can be added by extending the base class. An additional mvcViewComponent, meta, has been added for setting meta tags programmatically (e.g. meta refresh etc).

Finally: this release sees various bug fixes and several specifically in the reporting system and a better HTML to text implementation in the email transport layer.

Changes since 0.3.6

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