print Scorpio Development Update for October

It has been a while since the last release (0.3.6) but that doesn't mean that progress has not been made.

Scorpio is currently working towards the next milestone - 0.4. It is already in active use on this site and several others. The 0.4 release will be the first to remove xajax from the libraries, along with a few other unneeded components. For those that still need xajax, a pre-rolled component will be made available that can be used from the classes folder.

Other developments in 0.4 include bug fixes, some new classes in the CLI for fetching process information from running daemons (cliProcessInformation) and enhancements to the reporting system - you can now use functions in XLSX and XLS output. mvcSessionBase gains additional controls for managing session, including a destroy() method for completely removing any session data and additional controls for the form session key.

The 0.4 release will happen in the next few weeks once additional test cases have been added.

Moving forward from 0.4, there will be changes to the MVC system to actually use the mvcResponse component. That will allow for much better error handling and presentation of the errors. systemEventDispatcher will start to be utilised more heavily in the MVC system.

That just about wraps things up for now. As always feedback and comments are welcome either via the contact options on the site or in the Forums.

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