print mvcImageModel

Provides the base "image" model including options support and some utility methods. This class should be extended in your site libraries folder.


public getImageIdentifier()

Returns the image identifier, false if not set

public getImageDimensions()

Returns the image dimensions if set, false otherwise

public getWidth()

Returns just the width component

public getHeight()

Returns just the height component

public getImageUriName()

Returns the image URI name, false if not set

public getSiteImagesPath()

Returns the full path to the current sites images folder

public setOptions([$inArray = array()])

Sets an array of options

public getOptionsSet()

Returns $_OptionsSet

public setOptionsSet($inOptionsSet)

Set $_OptionsSet to $inOptionsSet

public getImageMimeType()

Basic function to get the mime-type of an image from the extension

public getImageLocation()

Returns $_ImageLocation, the final location of the image

public setImageLocation($inImageLocation)

Set $_ImageLocation to $inImageLocation

Inherited Methods

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