print mvcCaptchaModel

Provides the "captcha" page model based on the above script, but modified for use here


public __construct()

Returns new mvcCaptchaModel

public getCaptchaImage()

Returns $_CaptchaImage

public setCaptchaImage($inCaptchaImage)

Set $_CaptchaImage to $inCaptchaImage

protected _generateCode($inCharacters)

Generates a captcha code of $inCharacters long

public captchaSecurityImage([$inWidth = 120], [$inHeight = 40], [$inCharacters = 6])

Generates the captcha image and stores it internally for use later, returns the generated code

public outputImage()

Exports the image stream as a jpeg

public destroyImage()

Destroys the crearted image

Inherited Methods

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