print Scorpio 0.3.5 Released for Download

Scorpio 0.3.5 is now available for download. This is the first release that uses PHPUnit for the test suite system - SimpleTest has been removed and is no longer bundled.

If you require SimpleTest do not upgrade to this release until your test cases have been updated to work with PHPUnit.

Please note: PHPUnit is NOT included in the Scorpio distribution packages. It must be installed separately via PEAR (recommended), manual installation or by using a bundled version in NetBeans, Zend Studio for Eclipse or Eclipse PDT Tools. Please see PHPUnit Website for more details on installation.

Other changes include an upgrade to Smarty 3 RC3 and assorted bug fixes. The Smarty upgrade does not require cache / compile files to be cleared.

Changes since 0.3.1

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