print Huge website update!

If you tried visiting the site earlier today (Wednesday 19th May), you might have got an error... or a few. That's because we were down for an update and a long overdue clean-up.

And now the site is back, with a sporty, sleek new look and some new toys!

What does this update bring? Well this site is now running on the bleeding edge, trunk (at the time of writing) version of the framework, with all the benefits (and bugs) that that brings. So bare with us, while we work out the kinks.

Obviously the biggest difference is a brand new theme, in black, grey and just a hint of colour here and there - with a lot more navigation. Most of the old links will still work, however a few have been re-jigged to make them more useful.

A new component has been added to the site : Components. This is an interface to the standard articles but is geared more for the class documentation. You can now access most of the core class docblock information from this site by going to /components and adding on the classname in "normal" Scorpio format. So if you want the basic dbManager docs, it would be /components/dbManager. This will redirect to the correct location (db_manager). The docs are now auto-generated from the docblock comments so please excuse any spelling and grammar errors and they include the method summary including inherited methods. Now, this is not as complete as the phpDocumentor API docs but it should go some way to improving access to the information. Overtime the inline docs will be updated with better examples (and more examples) along with better comments.

As always we welcome your suggestions, comments and feedback. Let us know in the forums, on the bug tracker or via email.

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