print Scorpio API Docs Updated

It has been a long time coming, but the API docs have now been updated. The doc generation has now been (mostly) resolved and should be kept roughly inline with the current release.

These docs are for the current trunk (rev: 685) which will become the next stable release (probably 0.3.1). The differences are only minor between these and Some components are excluded from the docs - namely the third party libraries such as Smarty and PHPExcel. These have sufficient documentation at their own project pages.

Moving forward the framework classes will be re-tagged / updated to make the docs more useful and tutorials / examples added. We are aware that the docs are behind and clearer and better tutorials are needed and they are a priority.

The next release ( will be an update with a revised version of Smarty that addresses bugs identified from the Scaffold system and test cases. We are currently waiting for the next Smarty RC or final candidate before releasing this. Scorpio trunk is running from the Smarty 3 svn trunk for testing.

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