print systemLogSummary

Parses the log files for errors and critical notices and compiles the data into a string for display or email.


public __construct()

Creates a new log summary instance

public getData()

Collates and returns the log information

public reset()

Resets the object

public isModified()

Returns true if object has been modified

public setModified([$status = true])

Set the status of the object if it has been changed

public getLogLevels()

Returns $_LogLevels

public getLogLevelsAsStrings()

Returns the log levels as strings for grep

public addLogLevel($inLogLevel)

Adds a log level to report on

public setLogLevels($inLogLevels)

Set $_LogLevels to $inLogLevels

public getDates()

Returns $_Dates

public addDate($inDate)

Adds a date to report on

public setDates($inDates)

Set $_Dates to $inDates

private _getLogFiles()

Locates all .log files within the system Logs folder

private _getDataFromLogs()

Compiles log information from all available logs

private _grepLogfile($inLogFileName, $inRegex)

Calls the CLI grep command to pull information from the log file

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