print reportDataAverage

Calculates the average value of a row or column of data. Note that in an ideal world the column / row will only contain numerical data. Either way, Excel will allow strings - they should (in theory) be ignored. Either that or they get counted as 1 (integer one).

Example usage:

// This examples adds an average as the last row of reportData
// simple test class with other methods ignored
class testReport extends reportBase {

		function _run() {
			// insert other rows above, now add some sums to the columns
		// our reportData contains, col1,2...4 and a total
					'col3' => new reportDataAverage(0, 3, $this->getReportData()->sumColumn('col3')/$this->getReportData()->getCount()), // avg only col3


public __construct([$inRow = null], [$inColumn = null], [$inStringValue = 0], [$inStringFormat = null], [$inOptions = array()])

Creates a new instance

public reset()

Resets the object to defaults

public render($startRow, $startCol, $endRow, $endCol, [$sheetRowStart = 5])

Returns the sum formula in Excel format

Inherited Methods

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