print mvcViewMeta

Represents an additional meta tag in the HTML tag. There are two types of meta tag: http-equiv that are interpreted as if they should have been sent as a HTTP header, and "name" tags. Named tags usually contain the keywords, description and other custom head tags.

// add a meta redirect
$oMeta = new mvcViewMeta(
    'redirect', mvcViewMeta::META_TYPE_HTTP_EQUIV, 'redirect', '10;url='

If an unsupported meta type is used, the output will be a standard

MimeType and Resource type are not used by this resource.


public __construct([$inIdentifier = null], [$inMetaType = 2], [$inMetaName = ''], [$inContent = ''])

Creates a new CSS object

public static factoryMetaRedirect($inLocation, [$inTimeout = 10])

Creates a meta-redirect link for a view

public __toString()

Converts the object to a string

public reset()

Resets the object

public getMetaType()

Returns $_MetaType

public setMetaType($inMetaType)

Set $_MetaType to $inMetaType

public getMetaName()

Returns $_MetaName

public setMetaName($inMetaName)

Set $_MetaName to $inMetaName

public getContent()

Returns $_Content

public setContent($inContent)

Set $_Content to $inContent

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