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Scaffold provides a very rudimentary CRUD framework. This makes basic forms for creating, retriving, updating and deleting records of a particular object. It is similar to the Ruby on Rails scaffold system except you need to pass in the object to be scaffold'd. The passed object must be an instance of systemDaoInterface.

The scaffold will intelligently remove static and private methods and properties that can not be used. If methods return objects, this is checked in the template and the result is not displayed.

Note: this does NOT perform any validation or authentication it is intended for prototyping only or for quick and dirty data entry during development - it should NOT be used in a production environment.

Example usage:

// include and then in a web accessible folder use scaffold
// e.g. with an existing systemDaoObject
scaffold::getInstance(new systemUser(), $_REQUEST['action'])->launch();

The scaffold engine uses Smarty internally and the templates can be customised if you want. The HTML produced can be easily modified and it does not wrap in tags so any additional code can be added e.g. on an intranet.

It will only parse out and display properties that have get and set methods. All others, including anything that returns arrays or objects will be ignored.


public __construct($oObject, [$inAction = 'retrieve'])

Creates a new instance of scaffold

public static getInstance($oObject, [$inAction = 'retrieve'])

Returns a new instance of the scaffold and maintains a reference to the combination of scaffold and object

public getReflectionObject()

Returns a new reflection object

public getMethodsByRegExp($inRegExp, [$inIgnoreList = array()])

Returns an array of method names matching the supplied regExp and where the method is not in the ignore array. Static, private and protected methods are ignored

public isAllowedAction($inAction)

Returns true if action is in permitted actions

public getProperties([$inGetValues = false])

Returns an array of properties for the object, if $inGetValues is true, returns associative array including default values

public getGetMethods()

Returns the Get methods for the object

public getSetMethods()

Returns the Get methods for the object

public launch()

Handles requests into the class

public buildRequestVars()

Filters inbound request data and returns as a filtered array

public doVarAssignment()

Assigns request vars to the DaoObject

public buildHtml()

Builds the HTML from the current template and returns it as a string

public goHome()

Returns to the home page (retrieval page)

public doCreate()

Handles creating a record; if action is not DO_CREATE returns HTML

public doRetrieve()

Handles retrieving a record, returns HTML

public doUpdate()

Handles performing an update to the DAO object; if action is not DO_UPDATE returns HTML code

public doDelete()

Handles delete request; if action is not DO_DELETE returns HTML code

public getAction()

Returns the value of $_Action

public setAction($inAction)

Sets the value of $_Action to $inAction

public getModified()

Returns the value of $_Modified

public setModified([$inModified = true])

Sets the value of $_Modified to $inModified

public getDaoObject()

Returns the value of $_DaoObject

public setDaoObject($inDaoObject)

Sets the value of $_DaoObject to $inDaoObject

public getTemplate()

Returns the value of $_Template

public setTemplate($inTemplate)

Set $_Template to $inTemplate

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