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This is one of the most heavily used classes within the framework. baseSet is a wrapper around an array with a set of methods to manipulate it. baseSet can be used directly or extended and made into more complex objects. It is used extensively internally whenever an array of objects needs to be moved around or maintained.

baseSet implements IteratorAggregate allowing it to be easily iterated via foreach.


public isModified()

Returns true if the list has been modified

public setModified([$inStatus = true])

Set modified to $status

public count()

Implementation of count for Countable interface

public getCount()

Returns the item count

protected _getItem([$inKey = null])

Returns item at index $key, or if null the whole list; returns false if item is not found

protected _setItem($inKey, [$inItem = null])

Add item(s) to the set

protected _setValue($inItem)

Adds the item to the Set if not already present

protected _removeItem($inKey)

Remove an item from the set

protected _removeItemWithValue($inItem)

Searches set for an item with value of $item and removes it

protected _resetSet()

Clears all set values and resets set to an empty array

protected _findItem($inItem)

Attempts to locate $inItem in the set and returns index if located

protected _itemKeyExists($inKey)

Returns true if $inKey already exists in set

protected _itemValueInSet($inItem)

Returns true if $inItem is in the set

protected _itemCount()

Returns the item count from the set

protected _mergeSets($inArray)

Merges the supplied array into the current set Note: should only be used with sets of the same data, may cause strange results

protected _reverseSet()

Reverses the data in the set maintaining any keys

public getIterator()

Returns the array when iterating the object

Inherited Methods

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