print baseSearch

Provides the common functionality needed to create a search system. This class needs to be extended to implement the query building. For an example see wurflSearch.

baseSearch itself implements the baseSearchInterface which defines an interface for a search object. This is then used with the baseResultSet to have consistent iterable result sets.


public __construct()

Returns a new instance of baseSearch

public reset()

Resets class to defaults

public initialise()

Performs setup duties before the search runs; should be inherited to set order by groups

public canSearchRun()

Returns true if the search can be run based on the inputs set

public buildOrderBy($inQuery)

Adds the order by clause to the query

public buildLimit($inQuery)

Adds the limit to the query

public isModified()

Returns $_Modified

public setModified([$inModified = true])

Set $_Modified to $inModified

public getKeywords()

Returns $_Keywords

public setKeywords($inKeywords)

Set $_Keywords to $inKeywords

public getSearchTextType()

Returns $_SearchTextType

public setSearchTextType($inSearchTextType)

Set $_SearchTextType to $inSearchTextType

public getWhereType()

Returns $_WhereType

public setWhereType($inWhereType)

Set $_WhereType to $inWhereType

public getOrderBy()

Returns $_OrderBy

public setOrderBy($inOrderBy)

Set $_OrderBy to $inOrderBy

public addAllowedOrderBy($inOrderBy)

Adds $inOrderBy to the list of allowed order by strings

public removeAllowedOrderBy($inOrderBy)

Removes $inOrderBy from the list of allowed order by strings

public getOrderDirection()

Returns $_OrderDirection

public setOrderDirection($inOrderDirection)

Set $_OrderDirection to $inOrderDirection

public getOffset()

Returns $_Offset

public setOffset($inOffset)

Set $_Offset to $inOffset

public getLimit()

Returns $_Limit

public setLimit($inLimit)

Set $_Limit to $inLimit

Inherited Methods

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