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A baseResultSet is a wrapper around a resultSet. It takes a set of ID's and allows them to be iterated and instantiated via a getInstance() method. This class needs to be extended into the result set.

Alternatively, a pre-populated result set can be passed as the array with getInstance simply retrieving the object.

This class includes methods for building next/previous navigation and handling pages. It provides the basics for a quick deployment and is used in the wurflSearchResultSet.


public __construct($inResults, $inTotalResults, $inSearch)

Returns a new resultObject

public abstract getInstance($inKeyId)

Returns an instance of an object, using $keyId to create it

public isModified()

Returns $_Modified

public setModified([$inModified = true])

Set $_Modified to $inModified

public getIterator()

Returns an iterator for foreaching over the object

public setResults($inResults)

Set array of results

public getResults()

Return array of results

public getResultCount()

Returns number of items in result set

public hasResults()

Returns true if we have a result set

public getTotalResults()

Returns TotalResults

public setTotalResults($inTotalResults)

Set TotalResults property

public getFirstPage()

Return the offset to the first page of results

public getPreviousPage()

Return the offset to the previous page of results

public getNextPage()

Return the offset to the next page, only if it is less than the total results

public getLastPage()

Return the offset to the last page of results

public getSearchInterface()

Returns $_SearchInterface

public setSearchInterface($inSearchInterface)

Set $_SearchInterface to $inSearchInterface

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