print baseOptionsSet

A generic holder for a set of options built on top of baseSet. Allows for objects to implement an options system easily and quickly. Options are an associative array of => value pairs. Options can be set via either the constructor at creation, or later via setOptions.

$oOptions = new baseOptionsSet(
        'option1' => true,
        'option.2' => 'a string',
        'some.other.value' => 123456,

$val = $oOptions->getOptions('option1');
echo $val; // outputs 1 (true)


public __construct([$inOptions = array()])

Creates a new options set

public reset()

Reset object

public getOptions([$inOption = null], [$inDefault = null])

Returns options or a specific option, null if not found

public setOptions([$inOptions = array()])

Set options to $inOptions

$inOptions should be an array containing the key value pairs of options.

public removeOptions([$inOptions = array()])

Removes specified options from set

$inOptions should be an array containing the keys only

Inherited Methods

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