print baseTableParamSet

Provides a consistent interface to any param table so long as it conforms to the schema: id, $this->_DbPropertyField, $this->_DbPropertyValueField where the primary key is made of id & $this->_DbPropertyField.

The value field should be of "text" type or equivalent as all params stored are serialised before being stored. This allows arrays and/or objects to be stored without having to first check the values.

This class should be used inside other objects and be lazy loaded when required.

// straight initialisation
$oParams = new baseTableParamSet('myDatabase','myTable','tableIndex', 4);

// within an object
class myObject {

    function getParams() {
        if ( !$this->_ParamSet instanceof baseTableParamSet ) {
            $this->_ParamSet = new baseTableParamSet(
                'myDatabase', 'myTable', 'tableIndex', 'tableParamNameColumn',
                'tableParamValueColumn', $this->_IndexID
        return $this->_ParamSet;
$oObject = new myObject;
$oObject->getParams()->setParam('paramName', 'value');
// object parent save method should cascade to param set...


public __construct($inDbName, $inDbTable, $inDbTableIndex, $inDbPropertyField, $inDbPropertyValueField, $inIndexID, [$inAutoSerialise = true])

Returns a new paramCollection

public __toString()

Returns a textual representation of this object

public toArray()

Returns object properties as an array

public load()

Loads param collection into object

public save()

Saves back params to the database if updated / changed, returns number of rows affected

public delete()

Deletes the queued params from the database

public deleteAll()

Deletes all params for the current index; returns rows affected

public findByRegex($inRegex)

Find a parameter(s) using a regular expression, always returns an array

public reset()

Clears all values

public getIndexID()

Returns the index for the param set

public setIndexID($inIndexID)

Allows you to reset the indexID

public setParam($inParamName, $inParamValue)

Sets a new param -> value pair

public getParam([$inParamName = null], [$inDefault = null])

Returns the value of $inParamName, if $inParamName is null returns all params, if $inDefault is specifed returns $inDefault if no param match

public unsetParam($inParamName)

Unsets a param from the set

public getParamCount()

Returns the number of params in the set

public mergeParams($inParams)

Merges $inParams into this param set

public getDbName()

Returns $_DbName

public setDbName($inDbName)

Set DbName to $inDbName

public getDbTable()

Returns $_DbTable

public setDbTable($inDbTable)

Set $_DbTable to $inDbTable

public getDbTableIndex()

Return $_DbTableIndex

public setTableIndex($inTableIndex)

Set $_DbTableIndex to $inTableIndex

public getDbPropertyField()

Returns $_DbPropertyField

public setDbPropertyField($inDbPropertyField)

Set DbPropertyField property

public getDbPropertyValueField()

Returns $_DbPropertyValueField

public setDbPropertyValueField($inDbPropertyValueField)

Set DbPropertyValueField property

public getAutoSerialise()

Returns $_AutoSerialise

public setAutoSerialise($inAutoSerialise)

Set $_AutoSerialise to $inAutoSerialise

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