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Root Config File

Scorpio like most frameworks uses a set of configuration files to hold various parameters so that they might be updated more easily. All the config files are XML based and very simple. They understand "sections" and "params" and can be marked to be overridden or not.

Config files are read by the systemConfig system. This is used for the system level config and is extended for the mvcSiteConfig. MVC config parameters can be used to override the global parameters IF this is permitted in the global config file.

Root config file

The main configuration file is located in the /libraries folder and is named: config.xml. This is the system level configuration file that should contain your global settings, e.g. database connection details, default log level and log type etc.

The following table lists the most common sections and parameters that can be placed in this file.

app   Holds application parameters that are used in the generators and as copyright information in the MVC system  
  author The application author  
  copyright Copyright information e.g. My Company @ My Domain (c) YEAR  
  version The application version  
database   Main database configuration options>  
Data Source Name, the connection string to use when connecting to the DB %TYPE%://%USER%:%PASSWORD%@%HOST%/%DATABASE%
Scorpio DB users; each is used to identify where a query is running from (web, CLI or daemon process). If PHP is running in CGI mode, then all Web scripts appear as a CLI script. scorpio
The password for the user accounts (should set the same for all users)  
Main system database name scorpio_system
Main logging database name (only needed if using DB logging) scorpio_logging
Main WURFL database name scorpio_wurfl
A generic name for your database (e.g. mydb => user_mysitedb)  
Database type, must be a supported PDO database type mysql
Database server address localhost
Database connection port 3306
The default database to connect to if none is specified system
The format of the date time field Y-m-d H:i:s
The format of a date Y-m-d
The format of the time H:i:s
paths   Location of various system folders  
  base Automatically set on startup to the location of  
  classes Third party classes folder / folder for your generated classes  
  libraries The main library folder  
  apps Applications folder for CLI apps (not tools)  
  data User data folder  
  daemons Daemon processes (POSIX systems only)  
  docs Documentation folder  
  logs Main log location where log files will be written to  
  temp Temporary files  
  tools CLI tools  
  plugins Folder for your generated classes and objects deprecated
  websites Public websites folder (also known as public_html or htdocs)  
Root template caching folder usually located in "temp", used by templateCompile and templateCache as the parent folder unless they are specified elsewhere.  
Template engine compile folder (if required)  
Template engine cache folder (if required)  
system   System level settings  
  isProduction Places the system into a production state and attempts to suppress most error messages. true
  registerErrorHandler Default true, registers the Scorpio framework error handler as the system error handler. true
  registerExceptionHandler Default true, registers the Scorpio framework exception handler (which maps exceptions to the error handler) as the system exception handler. true
  registerDefaultDatabaseDsn Whether or not to register the DSN string as the default DB DSN true
  checkFolderPermissions Should the temp and log folder permissions be checked on every execution true
  fromAddress Default system email address e.g.  
  hostname The default server hostname e.g.  
  group The group name to run daemons under (POSIX only)  
  groupGid The POSIX group ID of group (calculated directly from group)  
  user The user to run daemons under (POSIX only)  
  userId The POSIX user ID of user (calculated directly from user)  
  uriSeparator The default separator character for URI strings _
  logType A valid systemLogWriter type class name systemLogWriterFile
  logFolderPermissions When folders are created by logging system, they are assigned this set of permissions 0755
  logFilePermissions Same as above but for the files 0644
  logLevel Any valid systemLogLevel integer WARNING (8)
  logDateFormat The date format that is prefixed to each line of a log message d/m/Y H:i:s
  timezone The timezone that should be set for the system e.g. Europe/London, UTC, America/Toronto etc. UTC
  locale The default system locale (since v.0.1.4) en
wurfl   Various WURFL system settings  
  uriLocation The full web URI to the master WURFL.xml file from the WURFL project
  maxImportSize The maximum allowed file size in bytes for importing via the web interface. Importing data is intensive, so this should be kept low. 512000
  maxExportSize The maximum number of devices that can be exported in one go via the web interface 100
images   Image generation settings>  
  maxImageSizeForPreview The maximum allowed file size for images that previews will be generated for in bytes 512000
  previewWidth Preview width in pixels 40
  previewHeight Preview height in pixels 40
generator   Code generator settings  
  daoTemplate  The name of the default DAO template to be used when building data objects. Custom files should be stored in /data/templates/generator default.tpl
  testCaseTemplate The name of the default test case template used to build test cases in the generator. Custom files should be stored in /data/templates/generator testCase.tpl
  userTemplates The location of the user templates folder for storing custom generator templates %DATA%/templates/generator
mvcGenerator   MVC Code generator settings  
  userTemplates The location of the user templates folder for storing custom generator templates %DATA%/templates/mvcGenerator