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Bundled CLI Tools

Scorpio is shipped with several CLI utilities. These are located in the /tools folder. They are not essential, but can help with development. More »

Posted in Cli on 22 May 2010 @ 12:47


Provides the necessary infra-structure to run a CLI application. This includes command chaining, listeners for handling application events during runtime, signal handling and more. cliApplication can be extended for different application types as is... More »

Posted in Cli on 19 Nov 2009 @ 20:30


The cliDaemon class contains the necessary logic for building a PHP daemon. Process controls are required from cliProcessControls as the posix functions can not be classed and must be called explicitly. A single method requires implementation: execut... More »

Posted in Cli on 19 Nov 2009 @ 20:30