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Base Objects

Scorpio has a set of base classes that are used throughout the framework. These classes are there to be extended and reused. More »

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Searches for handsets based on supplied criteria returning a wurflResultSet object. Handsets can be searched via user agent or wurflID and either specific matches or only root level devices returned. Example: $oSearch = new wurflSearch(); $oSearch->s... More »

Posted in Wurfl on 19 Nov 2009 @ 20:39


Provides the common functionality needed to create a search system. This class needs to be extended to implement the query building. For an example see wurflSearch. baseSearch itself implements the baseSearchInterface which defines an interface for a... More »

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Search Interface definition, defines what should be include in a search object to make building search systems a little easier and more conformant. Should be used via either baseSearch or as a standalone implmentation. Calls to baseSearchInterface::s... More »

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