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PhpStorm Command Tool Config

For those trying out JetBrains PhpStorm 2.0 EAP we've now got a handy Command Line descriptor file for use with the Frameworks and command line options. Read on for how to set it all up. More »

Posted in Documentation on 05 Feb 2011 @ 02:44


Registers a site configured error Controller to the distributor. More »

Posted in MVC on 07 Jan 2011 @ 03:18

Base Objects

Scorpio has a set of base classes that are used throughout the framework. These classes are there to be extended and reused. More »

Posted in Base on 08 Nov 2010 @ 17:06


Provides a simple wrapper around mcrypt functions to perform encryption and decryption duties. This class is designed to use the Rijndael 256bit encryption scheme. To use other schemes, extend and replace the various methods. The key that is used sho... More »

Posted in Utility on 05 Aug 2010 @ 03:03


Handles displaying static pages and caching those pages. More »

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reportDataAbstract is an interface to various dynamic functions that can be inserted into reports by the writers that support them. This allows for more advance control of especially spreadsheets - but allows this control to still be used by the more... More »

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systemReporterInterface provides standard method for the log summary system More »

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Provides methods for looking up static pages and returning lists of static pages. Can be extended to extend functionality to include database pages etc. More »

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Provides the base "image" model including options support and some utility methods. This class should be extended in your site libraries folder. More »

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Provides the "captcha" page model based on the above script, but modified for use here More »

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Bundled CLI Tools

Scorpio is shipped with several CLI utilities. These are located in the /tools folder. They are not essential, but can help with development. More »

Posted in Cli on 22 May 2010 @ 12:47

Bundled Controllers

Scorpio has several controllers bundled. These can be accessed by setting them up in your controllerMap.xml file. More »

Posted in MVC on 22 May 2010 @ 03:23

AJAX Support

Because of Scorpios versatile view system, adding in AJAX support is very easy. To be more flexible there are several methods you can use. More »

Posted in MVC on 22 May 2010 @ 00:10

MVC Views and Engines

Scorpio has a rich view system the MVC component. This allows different template engines to be used (on a per site basis) depending on the requirements and complexity of the project. Typically views are used to render a representation of the model state based on the request and are read only. More »

Posted in MVC on 21 May 2010 @ 23:52

System Locale and Dates

systemLocale is a class for detecting and storing locale information. It can be used in conjunction with the internationalisation and date components. More »

Posted in System on 21 May 2010 @ 22:27

Migrating from 0.2.X to 0.3.X

This is a short guide highlighting the major changes introduced from Scorpio 0.3 over the 0.2.X branch. If you were previously using the 0.2.X branch, you should read this before upgrading. More »

Posted in Documentation on 15 May 2010 @ 14:47


Represents an additional meta tag in the HTML tag. There are two types of meta tag: http-equiv that are interpreted as if they should have been sent as a HTTP header, and "name" tags. Named tags usually contain the keywords, description and other cu... More »

Posted in MVC on 08 May 2010 @ 16:46


Calculates the average value of a row or column of data. Note that in an ideal world the column / row will only contain numerical data. Either way, Excel will allow strings - they should (in theory) be ignored. Either that or they get counted as 1 (i... More »

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Sums either a column or row of data by inserting the Excel function =SUM(). This requires the data be contiguous and be numeric. Excel will ignore strings with this function, it is suggested to use the column value to set the column and or row to sum... More »

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Parses the log files for errors and critical notices and compiles the data into a string for display or email. More »

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