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Introducing Scorpio

Scorpio is an open-source PHP5 framework, designed to help you build web, CLI and large integrated platforms.

Scorpio gives you the tools to get going in hurry and yet can grow with you. Whether it's a simple CMS system or a large multi-format shopping system, Scorpio backs you all the way.


Scorpio is licensed under the incredibly flexible BSD License. This means you can use Scorpio in open-source or commercial software without worries.

Scorpio will always be released under a BSD License, so there won't be any surprises down the road.


Scorpio comes with a powerful MVC system, comprehensive CLI layer, internationalisation support and many other features.

All the core features can be extended or replaced entirely - depending on your needs.


Third party classes can be easily added to extend Scorpio's base functionality, and the autoloader supports PEAR and Zend Framework naming conventions out of the box.

For even more flexibility, the autoloader uses cache files so you can use pretty much any naming scheme!

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